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Therapeutic Services

Our first session will be a consultation. Together, we will determine which services might be most appropriate for you or your family during this time. Prior to your consultation, we ask that you complete a welcome packet, which includes:

Pre-Registration – we will complete the rest of your registration for you in our secured and HIPPA compliant system.
Welcome Packet Forms – We will send you an encrypted and password-protected link to complete these web-based forms at your convenience. The forms may take 20-30 minutes to complete and sign. To get the most out of our time together, we encourage you to complete these forms online and as thoroughly as possible. Our hope is to help you achieve your wellness goals by the most effective and efficient means available. If there are questions to which you do not know the answer or are uncomfortable answering, feel free to leave them blank.

Our Services:

Individual and Family Therapy

We believe that the most important part of therapeutic work is the relationship built between the therapist and the client. Clients often ask questions like, “Do we have to meet every week?”, or “Why does our whole family have to come to therapy if my teenager is causing all the turmoil?” The specific answers to those questions will vary among clients, however, the foundational answers are universal.

  • “Do we need to meet every week?”
    • In any relationship, the more quality time spent together, the more trust and rapport can be built.
    • The therapeutic relationship requires trust and comfort to optimize personal growth and improve mental health and wellness.
    • The sooner we can build a trusting relationship, the sooner you can feel better!
    • As you transition out of working with us and into your next personal revolution, we may decide together that “tune-up” sessions may be better suited for your needs.
  • “Why does our whole family have to come if my teenager is causing all the turmoil?”
    • We believe that behavior is purposeful. If your teen is behaving in ways that are causing distress to his- or herself at home or at school, it is likely that YOU are also experiencing some distress.
    • We believe families function as a system with multiple working parts. 
    • Think of a car. When my car is not running the way I would like for it to run, I take it to the mechanic. I don’t take in just one part of the car. I take in the whole car! The mechanic assesses how the car is functioning and gives me options of how to make the car function more to my liking.
    • We believe that adolescent therapy is family therapy. Some sessions we will meet with only parents, some sessions we will meet with only the adolescent, and some sessions we will meet with the whole family (a.k.a. – anyone who supports the adolescent in day-to-day growth and development).

Women’s Group

After the initial consultation, we may decide together that either a therapeutic group or a combination of individual and group services may be most helpful for you. Group Therapy offers many benefits such as mood regulation, decreased anxiety, feedback in a safe environment, and reduced acute psychiatric episodes. Our Women’s group utilizes a strength-based approach to promote personal growth from adverse experiences. In other words, we identify your strengths, validate your past experiences, and utilize the intervention of group therapy to multiply the strength and support you experience on your revolutionary journey.

Men’s Workshop

Our Men’s Workshops are designed as short-term (8-week) experiences to work with men who identify with any of the following messages from men surveyed about mental health:

  • “Gut up and move forward”
  • “I don’t want anyone to know I’m struggling”
  • “I don’t want anyone to worry about me”
  • “Treat mental health like a car…If you don’t do the routine maintenance then you will have a major breakdown”

Following the initial consultation, if we decide together that the 8-week workshop is appropriate for you, we will work confidentially with a group of 4-8 men for 90 minutes each week. Through the intervention of a therapeutic group for men, we hope you will gain new insights to identify and manage personal revolutions, greater understanding of obstacles you may be experiencing in the important relationships of your life, and greater knowledge of health risks associated with ignoring one’s internal experiences. As one 32-year-old male said:
“I grew up with the false idea of masculinity as it is regularly sold to us…[be] strong and silent…vulnerability is weakness…but these ideas lead to a lot of pain. Anytime I’ve held things in…they got worse…Reaching out still takes practice, and it helps being reminded sometimes…Our myth of masculinity is deadly, and we need to talk about it more.”

Mens’ Mental Health Resources:

Adolescent skills group

Following an initial consultation with your family, we may determine together that our Adolescent Skills Group is the most appropriate service for your adolescent. This ongoing, co-ed group of 4-8 high-school age adolescents meets weekly for 1 hour. Appropriate clients for this group include, but are not limited to, those who are experiencing social anxiety, difficulty maintaining social relationships, or fall somewhere on the spectrum of bullying (victim, perpetrator, bystander).

Young Adult Group

With your input from our initial consultation, we may determine together that the Young Adult Group may best meet your mental health needs. Appropriate clients for this group range in age from 18-25. In this group, we will build on your strengths to help you navigate the many personal revolutions that occur during this phase of life such as leaving your childhood home, transitioning to work or college life, transitioning from college to career, and exploring adult relationships. This ongoing, co-ed group meets weekly for 90 minutes.

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